Rayleigh - Schrödinger perturbation series
for quartic anharmonic oscillator x2/2 + g x4

Enter oscillator quantum number n = 0 for the ground or 1, 2, 3, ... for excited states
Enter order of perturbation theory N = 1, 2, 3, ...
Default response

H = H0 + g x4 Hamiltonian of the problem
E(g) = E0 + E1 g + ... + EN gN Perturbation expansion of energy
H0 = p2/2 + x2/2 Hamiltonian of harmonic oscillator
E0 = n + 1/2 Unperturbed harmonic-oscillator energy
g Small perturbation parameter
n Harmonic oscillator quantum number
N Order of perturbation theory

Mathematica program for this calculation

600 coefficients of the expansion for n=0, n=1, and n=2 calculated earlier

1000 coefficients of the expansion for n=0, n=1, and n=2, gzip-format

RSPTexpansionOn-line calculation of Rayleigh - Schrödinger perturbation series

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